Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile, our illustrious health zealots. Not content with discrimination against minorities who indulge in legitimate lifestyles, they want yet more! They want your employers to dictate your lifestyle choices for you. With open discrimination against smokers gaining ground within the NHS, now Nottinghamshire County Council Public Health is demanding further intrusions into the personal lives of the County’s workforce.

The wannabe Karl Astels of Public Health for Nottinghamshire County Council, and the petty Gauleiters of the Council really intend dictating your lifestyle in exchange for employment. Even with their lies gaining support from the legislators, even with their blackmailing threats of no treatment for smokers, they are not satisfied. These pathetic creatures want your homes, your jobs and your sense of wellbeing. They have no tolerance for  anyone who thinks differently to themselves, no tolerance for those who choose their own lifestyle, no tolerance for anyone but those who agree with their view of life.

Well, Herr/Frau Doktor Astel, Herr or Frau Gauleiter: WE are not Jews from the Weimar republic, WE do not live in the early days of the Third Reich, you do not have any right treating us as such. In fact the time has come for all decent people to put an end to your vile policies: there is no place for you or your kind in the healthcare industry or politics. 60 million human beings died putting your kind down only for you to emulate Hitler and his band of thugs.

It is not acceptable to any decent human being for you to behave in this manner. If we were gay or coloured you would be prosecuted and sent to jail, unlike your mentors who were tried and then executed. You can push people so far before they make a stand, you have pushed far enough: if you really want to end your political careers then carry on. If you really want to be in the front lines of ASH’s war on smokers then there is a price: enough is enough. As John Paul Jones said from the quarterdeck of the Bonhomme Richard when called upon to surrender by HMS Seraphis, “We have not yet begun to fight”.*

In 1812 Great Britain was again at war with the United States of America, During this war, two frigates fought a long battle near Ireland. The ships were the USS Bonhomme Richard and HMS Seraphis. When called upon to surrender Capt. John Paul Jones USN made this quote. It was the only time that the US Navy and the Royal Navy came to fight in war.