“Personal Freedom, Personal Choice”


Lord Stoddart

People disregard the withdrawal of rights they have enjoyed for so long at their peril and I admire the courage and commitment of “Freedom to Choose” who are continuing the fight against authoritarianism…

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Joe Jackson

What is less well known, and why he gets his foot in F2C’s door is his stance on Smoking bans, and more to the point he speaks out quite loudly on the issue. He is a patron of FOREST, a member of FORCES and a regular contributor to New York Times and UK Daily Telegraph. He also has the unusual distinction of being extremely well read on the subject, unlike some commentators in the media.

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Earl Howe

The detailed regulations ensuing from the Health Act 2006 are extraordinarily draconian – from the rules on signage in pubs and other buildings to the heavy fines which may be imposed on law-breakers. In all sorts of ways, the Government have gone over the top in this legislation

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