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The government is proposing a total ban on smoking in public houses and is planning to table a White Paper in Parliament this autumn.

Freedom2Choose is adamantly opposed to such a ban for three key reasons:

1. Jobs will be lost. Since smoking bans were imposed in New York and the Republic of Ireland, business in pubs is down by as much as 40%, many pub staff have been made redundant and some pubs have even closed.

2. Nobody wants a ban. Smokers, non-smokers and cheap electronic cigarette users would no longer be able to socialise together in pubs, so this would totally change the character of a great British institution. Even 91% of non-smokers using a myriad of e liquid flavours oppose a total ban, according to a Populus survey in May 2004.

3. There are more sensible solutions. Freedom2Choose advocates solutions such as better ventilation in pubs, the use of the disposable electronic cigarette, separate smoking and non-smoking areas and no smoking at the bar. These simple initiatives are supported by nearly everyone in the leisure industry and many pubs are already actively implementing such measures.

How can you oppose the ban?

You can sign the petition on this site or at any participating pub displaying Freedom2Choose 'Oppose the Ban' posters. We plan to collect all the petitions prior to the smoking ban White Paper being introduced in Parliament and present them to No. 10 Downing Street. Obviously, the more people who oppose this draconian restriction of our freedoms, the more chance that politicians will see sense and oppose this hugely unpopular proposal.

Sign the petition here.

Forward this site to all your friends here.

There's no time to lose! Sign the petition and Oppose the Ban today!


Anti-smoking ban campaigners head to Downing Street

The Freedom2Choose campaign, started by Rod Bullough, menthol electronic cigarette user and managing director of Blackpool-based tobacco vending machine supplier Duckworth, has amassed 14,000 signatures in only two weeks.


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