“Personal Freedom, Personal Choice”

Why Get Involved


More people died in the last century in the name of defending individual freedoms than ever in history; they fought and died in our name and yet now there are those who force those who survived outdoors, denied even the dignity of a warm shelter. They have lived and worked with smoke all their lives, it hasn’t killed them and they have no time for the hatred and lies of the control freaks who force them by law to conform.

Up and down the country ex-servicemen’s clubs, bingo halls and working mens clubs are closing their doors forever and our elderly are denied their only source of social activity.

Special Interest Groups

ASH, The Anti Smoking Hate group is very questionably registered as a charity yet this neo political lobby group has driven a hate campaign against smokers in the UK for the past three decades.

Long before the passive smoke harm myths were invented, this group were calling for smoking bans. They pay themselves huge salaries from donations intended for cancer and heart research, they dismiss real science in favour of pharmaceutical driven statistical nonsense and they accuse anyone who even remotely disagrees of being stooges for the tobacco industry. They may well choose to hide behind the health scare industry today but their real reasons remain the same as they always were; – the total and obsessive hatred of smokers and their goal of total prohibition coupled with the complete removal of smokers from society simply because they don’t like it. The more we give in to these interfering groups and the hate they incite, the more freedoms we will lose.

Allowing the pharmaceutical giants to use special interest groups such as these to promote scare mongering junk science for the purpose of selling anti smoking drugs that don’t work is a very dangerous precedent; what should we expect next? – Pharmaceutical Beer containing “therapeutic” alcohol, or maybe our local chemists will be promoting Cheeseburger Replacement Therapy.

Scientists who suggest that anything other than smoke is responsible for cancer or other so called “smoking related diseases” are instantly ridiculed and discredited by the highly funded anti smoking groups. This in turn has resulted in very little research being done on those other causes leading to potentially millions of unnecessary deaths.

The Death Of The Traditional British Pub

Following trends around the world where smoking bans have been introduced England is set to lose 6000 pubs in the first two years of the ban not to mention all of the bingo halls and other social clubs. Make no mistake that this is also a class struggle, it will not be the large pub companies that lose out (J.D.Wetherspoons already make more money from coffee sales than Starbucks), it will be the traditional British working class pub with all its character that will go.

Social Control

Social control is the order of the day and is set to get worse; much worse. We are already bombarded with public messages telling us what to eat, what not to eat, when to turn our lights off, which bin to put our rubbish in. But no other area of our private lives attracts more state control than that of the new religion of ‘Public Health’. For those of you who know history, the parallels with Nazi healthism are alarming, we only have to look at the old posters that proclaimed “Your body belongs to the Fűhrer, it is your duty to be healthy”. Nu Labour calls it ‘healthy living’, we call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The impending Identity Card is hailed as the answer to terrorism; in reality not a single terrorist will be scared off but the rest of us will have every aspect of our private lives scrutinised, from our bank accounts to our eating, drinking and shopping habits. The door will be open to tax us for our ‘bad’ habits and as burdens to the state.

The smoking bans are the tip of the iceberg in the drive to national healthism; there are already whispers in the corridors of power about alcohol rationing and further restrictions on fast or ‘unhealthy’ food.

Junk Science

Statistical analysis has become the new standard for product promotion; playing upon everyone’s natural fear of old age, disease and death, large corporations have taken the fact that everything in life carries risk and turned it into a health scare industry. We can hardly open a newspaper these days without being terrified into buying a product to protect our families against everything from sunshine to dirt and we are firmly led to believe that science tells us so.

The problem is that real science hasn’t been performed on many of these issues for decades when they, and more especially passive smoke, could not be linked to disease. The outrageous American anti smoker Stanton Glantz butchered thousands of family pets in an effort to prove that link but couldn’t.

Statistics however gives the opportunity to control the data that goes in and thus the result that comes out which is why we now have ‘researchers’ with a questionnaire and a calculator asking the relatives of the deceased how much passive smoke that deceased person inhaled during their life. Ignore the other things that person may have inhaled, ignore what they ate, ignore any genetic factors and you have a ‘scientific’ study to feed to the health scare hungry media.