“Personal Freedom, Personal Choice”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote freedom of choice and to oppose any coercive restraints upon that freedom by any lawful means.

We actively seek to highlight the injustices of smoking bans and denormalisation campaigns against smokers by challenging these injustices and showing the public that they have and are being misled over smoking issues by professional anti smoking lobbyists and vested corporate interests.

We believe that the following statements should hold true in any free and democratic society:

  • Consenting adults should be free to make their own informed lifestyle choices without interference from Government or special interest groups. The choice between quality of life and the mendacious promise of longevity of life should be left to the individual.
  • The decision of allowing smoking in privately owned premises should not be a matter for Governments, smokers, non smokers or anti smokers. It is the owner of the business who should be free to decide which legal activities they allow.
  • Minority groups should not be subjected to Government sponsored social engineering campaigns and denormalisation. In a truly representative democracy minorities should be afforded the same rights as the majority. Market forces should naturally dictate the choices of all concerning the environments in which they choose to work and socialise.