“Personal Freedom, Personal Choice”


Our campaign was born out of the frustration and anger felt by ordinary businessmen and members of the general public at the way in which our freedoms, choices and democracy are being eroded by this Government.

From the hospitality trade’s perspective this was inflamed by our voices not being heard by Government and being ignored by our trade representatives. The proposed smoking ban was in our view a step too far. From the perspective of smokers and tolerant none smokers, this ban represents further unwanted intervention from a nanny government backed by lies and propaganda from an anti-smoking movement who wish to remove the source of their irrational obsessions for our own good.

Our campaign is not about the promotion of smoking, many of us are not and have never been smokers, but about allowing the free use of a legal product by consenting adults. We strongly believe that these are fundamental freedoms and choices for both members of the public and owners of hospitality businesses.

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