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1 Party 4 All
The networking and polling website for the Libertarian activist

Our Aim is to apply pressure to Parliament to review the smoking ban in pubs and clubs by way of public opinion – YOURS!

Austrian Smokers Network
We are delighted to present “Österreichische Raucherbewegung”. The pincipal aim of this Austrian site is to collate actions, petitions and press articles from europe which will allow people to compare, become more informed and to get the politicians to listen to us. The group intend to start their own independent action, and on Sunday 6th May 2007 they will launch a new site with forums in german, english and french. We wish them every success and look forward to working with another European ally.

C.A.G.E. Canada
Citizens Against Government Encroachment. A new website with the same values as ourselves. The team at CAGE are (and have been) very helpful in providing information on bans in Canada. We wish them every success.

Campaign for an Independent Britain
The chairman of the CIB is Lord David Stoddart of Swindon who is an independent peer known well to Freedom To Choose and The Big Debate. He has had a long career as a labour MP but is very disillusioned with the present labour government. He makes his own mind up on the issues and has been a stalwart in the opposition to the smoking ban part of the “Health Bill”. Several of our team have met him and we all agree that he is an impressive and charismatic man who commands my respect unconditionally. Go on, give him a visit and sign his petition.

Captain Ranty’s blog

Chris Snowdon’s blog

Citizens For Civil Liberties
Advocating the preservation of civil liberties and freedom of choice

Clearing The Air
‘My career of 15 years, selling Smokeeter air filtration equipment to bars and restaurants came to an abrupt end once the debate for smoking bans began. As an independent sales professional my unemployment came without benefits or insurance of any kind. Once bar and restaurant owners no longer needed my employer’s air filtration equipment and services, I was relieved of my job and duties without so much as a thank you, back in 6/2005. It took 9 months before I finally became gainfully employed again.’… Marcus continues to fight and reveal the truth behind the Anti-Smokers agenda.

Club Historians
This site is aimed at anyone interested in the club movement, whether you are a club user, past or present, or just want to find out more about clubs and the important role they played in working class communities over many decades.

Dave Atherton’s blog

Dick Puddlecote’s blog

F2C Scotland blog
The official Freedom2Choose (Scotland) blog.

Find A Smoker
Findasmoker.co.uk has thousands of members looking for a date in your area right now. Search & Sign-up for free, it’s quick and easy.

For those who don’t already know it – this is an international mine of information and support.

Frank Davis’ blog

Freedom-2-Choose blog
An unofficial blog run by Freedom2Choose supporters.

Grandad’s blog

Grandad’s other blog

I Can Help It
Bernie’s Blog

Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson has recently attracted a lot of attention for speaking out against antismoking hysteria and smoking bans. His position is based on neither personal prejudice nor profit, but on several years of research. He has kindly allowed us to use his essays on the Freedom2Choose site. They can be found in the Articles column. We thank him for allowing us to use his material and for his support of F2C.

John Mallon of Forest Eireann’s blog

Jredheadgirl’s blog

Justice for Licensees
This site has been designed with a view to ensuring justice for licensees. This trade is suffering immensely at this point in time, it would appear that licensees are being hit from every angle. Price increase are across the board and yet trade is dwindling, what are licensees to do? The answer is quite simple, it is time that licensees started to unite, there is strength in numbers.

Lauren Colby 
In Defense of smokers

Leg Iron’s blog

Liberal Vision
Liberal Vision exists to promote individual liberty, a free economy and limited government. We advocate these goals within the Liberal Democrats, among the political and media community, and to the wider public.

Maatschap Horecaclaim België:
Claim for compensation for bar and restaurant owners.

Michael Siegel’s Blog
Mike is a physician who specialized in preventive medicine and public health. He is now a professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, Boston University School of Public Health. For ‘The Rest of the Story’ visit his blogspot regularly.

Nanny Knows Best

Nannying Tyrants

Nearly Done
Wonderful stuff from one of our most industrious members who has managed to feed the campaign leaders with a wealth of information uncovered by sheer determination and a passion to reveal the truth. Nearlydone? I doubt very much that he is!!!

Regular daily updates on smoking bans and other issues worldwide.

Nothing 2 Declare
The Cross-Border Shopper is a target for the UKBA/HMRC. If you are a Cross-Border Shopper buying tobacco/cigarettes you become a PRIME target for UKBA/HMRC.

GET ADVICE ON CROSS-BORDER SHOPPING & APPEALS AGAINST SEIZURES. DO NOT BE WRONGLY BRANDED A SMUGGLER. This site is of critical importance to shoppers. These guys do not just talk the talk. They walk the walk.

Passion for Pipes

Professor Carl V. Phillips’ blog

Rich White’s blog

Rygerpartiet – Denmark
This pro-smoking group are best explained here by Soren of Forces Forces. On contacting them, they were quick to link us on their website and replied to my email as follows:- ‘Dear Loraine, I don’t write you a longer letter, although I feel for it, but it’s quit a hard job to start this organization. I’m almost drowning i succes. I get 40 – 50 e-mails every day, and I try to give people just a little bit of a personal answer. Thanks for the good wishes.’ Ole

SAD Ireland
Smokers Against Discrimination: Our John Mallon heads this Irish site with regularly updated information and forum discussion.

Simon Clark of Forest’s blog

Smoke Friend
Smoke Friend’s purpose is to help you easily identify businesses in your area that allow smoking. In conjunction with this aim, it seeks to build a community of tobacco users and promote businesses that cater to smokers.

Smokers Hotel/Travel Service
Quality travel and hotel listings of smoking friendly hotels, book reservations direct in hotels with smoking rooms available.

Smokers Justice
Creating a fighting fund for those wrongly prosecuted over the Smoking Ban.

Smokers Re-United
70 years of passive smoking lies – The only thing it kills is your business and social lives.

Smoking Doctor
Meet Phil Button – our ‘in-house’ doctor in his surgery. Packed full of satire and illustrations by Blad.

Smoking Hot’s blog

Smoking Lobby
Advocating Smoker’s Rights Worldwide. “We fight for smoker’s rights because every time a governing body passes smoking ban legislation, every American loses a little more of their freedom and liberty”

Smoking Mad

Stand Fast

Tea and Cigarettes

The Freedom Association
Founded on 31 July 1975, The Freedom Association believes that a free society can only be properly maintained if there is an understanding of the economic, constitutional and moral principles that alone can sustain that society.

The International Coalition Against Prohibition
We are regional, national, and international organisations, now bound in solidarity against the damaging prohibitions which in most cases serve to enrich special interests through scientific fraud and political manipulation, where adults are treated as children and freedom of choice is brushed aside.

The Lost Pubs Project
Help us in our quest to index lost pubs before they are forgotten for ever. If you know of a pub which has closed at any time in the past, please submit it, together with any anecdotes, historical information or photographs that you might have. Pubs do re-open from time to time, so if you see one on the site that is open please let us know.

The Morning Advertiser
A friend in the media. Primarily for those of us enganged in the hospitality trade to keep up to date on all news effecting the industry.

The Pub Curmudgeon’s blog

The Smokers Club Inc
Our good friend Samantha Phillipe heads this amazing American site reporting on ‘people bans’ throughout the world. We thank Samantha for her support since we launched our sister site ‘The Big Debate’.

The Truth’s A Lie
Back in the old days, Antismokers were content to simply flat out lie and rest easy knowing that there would be no one to challenge them except Big Tobacco — and if Big Tobacco said they were lying, what better testament to the truth could they possibly HAVE ? Today they’ve become more clever. They know they’re being watched not just by Big Tobacco but by smokers who’ve been angered by their lies and by nonsmokers who have awakened to the general threat to freedom that their Crusade represents. They still lie, but their lies usually take the form of gross exaggerations, various language tricks, or simply selective presentation and juxtaposition of information. Micheal J McFadden ( American and ‘Really Nice Guy’) reveals the truth behind the lies. Also links to his online book ‘Dissecting Antismoker’s Brains.’ A ‘must read’ for anyone supportive of our website.

The View From Cullingworth

F2C supports The UK independence Party’s calls to ‘Bin The Ban’ and to restore liberty and choice for all