“Personal Freedom, Personal Choice”


Welcome to the organisation that is fighting for your rights, the Human Rights this present government are determined to suppress. Never in the history of this country have so many of our rights been suppressed by a government failing to stand up for its populace. Our human Rights are being eroded, bit by bit and it will continue until we are akin to Pavlov’s Dogs!

Freedom2Choose’s members will fight to amend this sanpiteful, restrictive and socially divisive law, hastily imposed by a government that has, in one foul swoop, cauterised the hospitality sector through their health & safety fanaticism. They did not anticipate a group like Freedom2Choose whose members have the knowledge to dispel the junk science and propaganda.

Your membership is important to us; the larger we grow, the more of a thorn in the side we become. Your membership is valued because every member is needed to contribute to, not only on the forums with thoughts and ideas or to the general disassembly of this imbecilic law but also to help in all of our activities in spreading the truth.

It is no secret that this Government doesn’t listen to the people so it is only by a united front that they will be forced to listen. Their propaganda tells us that these bans are popular; common sense tells us that if the people had wanted every pub in the land to be smoke free there wouldn’t have been a need for these bans in the first place. Their propaganda tells us that everyone loves the smoke free pubs yet we see half empty pubs everywhere and we listen to the customers that are left grumbling about the ban imposed on them.

Your membership of Freedom2Choose is your chance to make a difference. Whether you join the activities of our local groups, attend demonstrations and meetings, send out letters, help with fund raising, join our news team or just contribute to the discussions in our online forums; you will be helping to stave off this and other erosions of personal lifestyle choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be an active member? – Not at all. We recognise that many people already have busy lives or simply don’t feel confident or qualified enough to get actively involved. Simply becoming a member however is one small way in which such people can have their voice heard.
  • How can I help? – All sorts of ways basically! Whatever your strong point is we can use it… writing, media contacts, leaflet distribution or even setting up local groups.
  • What does becoming a member mean? – Quite simply it sets you apart from the apathy that reigns in this country, the attitude that we all know “it is wrong but that nothing can be done.” You become an important cog in an ever-growing wheel of change.
  • How is my membership or donation money spent? – Very carefully indeed! All expenditure is discussed on its merits, whether it be leaflets, newspaper ads, stickers, badges etc. The committee members and members of Freedom2Choose are all completely unpaid volunteers so you are completely guaranteed that every single penny donated is spent directly on fighting the bans.
  • How will I be kept informed of Freedom2Choose’s activities? – The best way of keeping up
    to date with the large number of activities is to log in regularly to the Freedom2Choose website and forum where you can read or join in on the discussions of activity. We also send out letters to our members on any important issues.
  • What benefits do I get? – You will be joining the ranks of similarly minded people – from many walks of life, all dedicated to amending the smoking ban. You will also be helping to send a clear message to the Government, special interest groups, large corporate interests and the generally virtuous members of society who wish to legally impose their lifestyle choices on everyone in the areas of smoking, drinking, eating and exercise.
  • Freedom2Choose Membership is currently £10 per year.
  • Junior Membership, age 16 – 17 (no voting rights) is £5 per year.

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You can apply and pay online by credit card, debit card and PayPal through the PayPal subscribe button below which will automatically take your name, e-mail address, postal address and payment annually. You can unsubscribe at any time.


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The membership form is in Adobe PDF format which you should download to your PC. It is recommended that you use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available to download from here.

We would also be very grateful if you would consider making a regular donation; this can be done quite easily by setting up a standing order with your bank/building society or by cash or cheque. Just fill in the relevant boxes on the form. Account details and a reference number will be sent to you when we receive your form.

You can apply by post by downloading the form, printing it off, filling it in and posting it together with a cheque payable to ‘Freedom to Choose’ to the address below:

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Please send the form and cheque to:

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