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Hands off our Packs

This website campaigns against ‘The Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations.’ At present, all cigarettes and rolling tobacco sold in the United Kingdom must, with the exception of warning labels, have olive green packaging with all text, including branding, in one standard font. Hands off our Packs is owned by Forest.

No Thank EU

This website campaigns against the current ‘European Union Tobacco Products Directive’, which regulates tobacco and the appearance of its packaging. At present, all combustible tobacco products sold in the European Union must have graphic warning labels covering 65% of the front and rear of its packaging. No Thank EU is owned by Forest.

Nothing 2 Declare

This blog contains all the legal information, advice and assistance needed for tobacco cross-border domestic shopping. This blog is intended for any person, prior to legally purchasing tobacco outside the United Kingdom, in order to avoid seizure by the Border Force and HM Revenue & Customs. This blog also includes a link to its own forum.

Octabber Resistance

This blog voices smokers who are aggravated by the public pressure to quit smoking. The National Health Service has its own campaign called Stoptober which aims to pressure all smokers to quit, regardless of the intentions of the smoker. Octabber was created as a counterweight to Stoptober in order to create a level playing field.

The Pipe Club of London

This website is for tobacco pipe enthusiasts. New members from across the world can join online, and can also attend monthly meetings in London and Berkshire. This website also includes an online shop, where official Pipe Club of London merchandise is available for purchase.

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