Sheila Duffy, the dragoness of Scotland, has hit two tabloids in one day. Nothing remarkable in that I suppose except that in the BBC news section she is dictating that smoking in cars should be banned – no mention of the cheeeeeldren this time though! One of 33 (yes 33) recommendations in the latest salvo from ASH (Scotland) it seems that as far as ASH are concerned they don’t now need to use the kids to further their aims.

Small problem here is that a man’s car is his property, similar to his house so I don’t quite see how she expects this idiotic notion to ever become law?

In the second article the Duffmeister pleads with government NOT to include her little group of bandidos in the swathe of cuts necessary to stabilise our economic status. After 6 years of wasting £millions and no visible improvement on the smoking front ASH have achieved very little except forced business closures, and forced people into poverty plus an unenviable unemployment list, etc. Far from help the economy she has wilfully aided in its demise by decreasing wage earners and extending dole queues.

Stop begging Sheila, it doesn’t become you.

(Link to Story no Longer Available)