We have gone all out in promoting and supporting MP Brian Binley’s ‘early day motion‘.

EDM406 calls for this government to reform the smoking ban as he sees this Draconian ban as a step too far’ and also considers that the ban is the major cause of pub closures. Of course, we also know that this writer has been in contact with Brian Binley and will be meeting with him soon to discuss matters further.

Our members have also been industrious in contacting their MPs (and many others) to ask them to support EDM406 so as to maximise this glorious opportunity of being heard.

To better this, today brought joyous news that JFL (Justice for Licensees) have added their considerable weight to supporting EDM406: today’s press release:-

Justice for Licensees fully supports EDM 406 which calls on the Government to conduct a thorough review, supported by consultation with all parties and affected business sectors, on the impact the smoking ban has had on public houses and private members’ clubs. 

We feel that it is imperative that this government holds a full, transparent and honest review, taking into account evidence presented by all parties. We are aware of the detrimental impact that the smoking ban has had on some of the pubs and clubs of this land, we are also aware that prior to the smoking ban that the trade was assured that there would not be a detrimental impact, this shows that consultations were out of kilter with reality. If there was failure on this level for correct assumptions then we would have to question were there any other levels that incorrect assumptions were made? It is our firm opinion that this is just not good enough and must be remedied forthwith. 

JFL also fully supports that any changes to the smoking ban legislation thereafter should be made on the basis of evidence, fairness and proportionality, recognising the importance of such institutions to the nation’s social life and community wellbeing. With this in mind JFL will be urging all of its members to write to their MP and urge them to support EDM 406.

JFL now has over 415, 000 supporters through its various campaigns, many thousands of those supporters being licensees who have seen this trade diminish through no fault of their own. We are working closely together on the salvation of our pubs/clubs and I don’t see the day being too far away when respected ‘interested parties’ sit round a table to discuss fair reform through parliamentary procedure. The tide is turning, the truth of the junk science is out. The truth of the economic impact is beginning to appear. We will win this war.