Whilst the government, well Andrew Lansley actually, struggles over the decision to ban all the pretty colours on our tobacco shelves he might want to consider “The Grocers” latest offering – which happens to be their much regarded yearly Products Survey.

Apparently pretty GOLD packets and flashy RED packets lost ground in the market place as the actual price of fags became the determining factor of purchase. Quote:- ” there was staggering growth for some of the lower-priced brands”.

As this recession deepens, hence people have less money to spend, is it so surprising that this is the case? You see, yet another ‘crock of crap’ that started at ASH HQ has fallen flat on its face as the market has proven them to be liars yet again. If adults are flocking to buy the cheaper brands then surely the younger generation are as well because they have even less money than the adults!

Kapiche Ms Arnott?

Kapiche Ms Duffy?

Kapiche Mrs Farren (are you GASPing in horror yet?)

Why you feel the need to keep banging the ‘pretty colours’ drum is totally beyond most sensible people – except those in parliament possibly, for they do not live in the real world most of the time. If Andrew Lansley comes down in favour of plain packaging now then it proves he is as much out of touch and as easy to pressurise as his predecessor, the clinically obese Donaldson was!

Money dictates – not pretty colours!

(Link to Story no Longer Available)