In a topsy turvy year where we have seen the anti-smoking lobby starting to run out of new things to throw at smokers, or even anybody who might support smokers-never mind their rights! Freedom2choose has been right there, at the fore-front, spearheading the smokers cause, demanding that this not insignificant group of some 15 million people not be ignored.

But it is not only the smokers that need a voice! There are thousands upon thousands who support the smokers but now feel that it is not seen to be ‘PC’. Not only did the smokers desert the pubs but thousands of non-smokers went with them, no longer wishing to stand outside so as to be in the company of their mates.

Oh, how the pubs suffered.

Oh, how the pubs (remaining) are suffering.

Oh, how much more they are going to suffer.

Freedom2choose have long campaigned for choice; it’s that thing that allows options. it’s that thing that makes the difference between businesses surviving and closing. It’s that thing that allows licensees to feed his/her family on a weekly basis. It’s that that thing that is a basic human right of every single person in this country!

The licensed trade has long ignored the ‘elephant in the room’, preferring to wait patiently for ‘the millions of non-smokers’ who are, seemingly, marching over the hills to every single remaining pub in the land. Well, that’s what the government promised the licensed trade and they swallowed it hook, line & sinker! They are now, not unreasonably, too embarrassed to admit their horrendous error of judgement. They are also too proud to do so! Until now!

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) has now called on the government to reconsider the Scottish law, which came into force in 2006.


Yes, it’s true folks, our northern comrades have finally concluded that the smoke ban is a crock of crap and that ventilation is the answer. Wowee-we’ve only been on about ventilation for 43 months but nobody listened such was the euphoria over ‘smoke-free’.

Well smoke free has slaughtered the Scottish licensed trade to such an extent that the SLTA are now calling for reform. With an election coming up north of the border prospective MPs would do well to heed the wishes of their voters.

OK, so this involves a ‘special license’ – which proves adequate ventilation – which means money for the government but here is a newsflash folks.

A smoking pub ‘license fee’ will be worth every penny!

Smokers, knowing that they are allowed to ‘light up’ INSIDE a pub again will soon forget about the supermarkets and trolleys full of cheap booze for they will be back in their recreational home. For those licensees (approx 7.2%) who are adamant the ban is the best thing since sliced bread will no doubt be chewing their lips when they see pubs full of smokers again because amongst those returning smokers will be returning non-smokers. This idiotic total ban ‘evicted’ 68% of pubs regular customers and cost the industry 7,000 venues, 100,000 jobs and a total loss of credibility as a self-protecting body.

Of course, ASH et al deplore this horrendous, common sense suggestion – but they would. It is their job to do just that. in fact, as a job they have certainly exceeded their remit as a charity! Shiela Duffy regards the proposal as ‘madness’ but then that is all she can do for she is not at all bothered that 11.1% of Scottish pubs have shut, she cares not about the unemployment increases, the increases in benefit payments, the bankruptcies or the rehousing complications! But then she is not of sound mind, for anyone of sound mind would easily see that CHOICE was the obvious answer.

Would a non-smoker be forced to enter a smoking establishment? I don’t think so!

Are smokers bothered about the so-called longevity of life? I don’t think so!

Do smokers fund the NHS as far as their own treatments are concerned? I think so!

Alcohol kills for certain but has SHS been proven to do so? I think not!

The EU say SHS kills but then they rule such claims as Manifestly Unfounded!

So why are governments maintaining this stance on smoking when it is blatantly obvious that they can save an entire industry, save jobs-even create jobs, save on benefit payments and gather more much needed money in the coffers!

So, Scottish MPs & prospective MPs, get your thinking caps on, ignore the junk science and concentrate on what your people obviously want!

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