At long last the truth of the great Heart Attack scams have been uttered by other than anti-smoke ban people:-

First Nationwide Study Finds No Link Between Smoking Bans and Reductions in Heart Attacks

The author of this superbly truthful piece has even included the Isle of Man cobblers that claimed further weird & wonderful reductions due to smoking bans. Mind you, it shows just how bla-se` these cretinous people have become for the IOM study was compiled by some student in a Northumbria University. no top grades there then! (Thanks DP)

It really is tragic that these anti-smoking groups such as ASH, GASP, CRUK et al have to resort to blatant lies and manipulating statistics to prove what they think it ought to have proven in the first place.

The game is up ASH et al, you pathetic peddlers of mistruths. Give up your funding, go home and dream up another massive group of people to pester to death for we are fed up of funding charlatans like you!