What a turbulent year this has been for smokers and licensees, more so for some than others.

The crusade against smoking bans has been carried fairly and squarely by Nick Hogan – a man who does happen know a thing or two about pubs and the running of!

It is consigned to the bin of history now that Nick was so heavily financially abused by the ‘system’ that he ended up in prison. Funnily enough Nick got more respect for his campaign ‘inside’ than he did out!

A massive internet, international campaign (instigated by freedom2choose) saw £10,000 raised within a matter of days which saw Nick released from his ridiculous imprisonment. Note here that ASH only received half that amount from public donations last year – a measure of their ‘immense public popularity’!

Nick also saw action as spokesperson for UKIP on the important matter of pubs & the hospitality sector until ill health took its toll.

Nicks final pub, The Swan with Two Necks in Chorley, Lancs, was once a thriving business – until the smoking ban came in. Now it will be no more as it closes its doors for the final time this weekend after the past 42 months have seen the constant monthly reduction in takings. Takings that have now dropped beneath the survival line.

If this is not proof that smoking bans kill businesses then I don’t know what is. A hard working businessman, slaughtered financially by the state and now soon to be homeless – courtesy of the worst law ever implemented in this country!

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